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The Filling Station
is dedicated to those men who knew America shortly after we entered the 20th century and so had the good fortune to know the petroleum industry first and realize it's worth to the fullest.
Their names are seldom recorded, for they were simple people whose days were spent in doing routine chores at the filling station. He had the reverence for excellence, a reverence so profound that all things he did, he did well. America's landscape is still dotted with his monuments; the pot belly stove that kept him warm, the signs that were nailed to his building and along the roadside, the gasoline globes that announce the brand names and finally the visible gravity feed gasoline pump built by these perfectionists more than a century ago.
Few of the structures being erected today will last the lifetime of their makers. Many will be replaced as being obsolete, out of date, or not earning enough money to pay their way. Those who seek the spirit of America might do well to look where the spirit was born. While remnants of Americana remain, will serve as an authentic guide to the past.


Thursday, December 30, 2010

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